Lifespan Respite WA Coalition

Purpose: Organizations and individuals working together for combined action for respite services to improve the lives of unpaid family caregivers.

We are acting to bring the goals of the National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers to Washington State:

  • Goal 1: Increase awareness & outreach
  • Goal 2: Advance partnerships & engagement with family caregivers
  • Goal 3: Strengthen services & supports
  • Goal 4: Ensure financial & workplace security
  • Goal 5: Expand data, research, & evidence-based practices

Coalition members are from:

  • state, county, and local agencies;
  • community-based and statewide non-profit organizations who serve family caregivers;
  • private businesses and non-profit organizations who provide respite services.
    -many of us are unpaid caregivers!

We will be expanding the Coalition to include regular, stipended participation by unpaid family caregivers who are not already Coalition members.

We meet quarterly online. You’re invited to our Next meeting,11 AM, Tuesday, July 23 2024.

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About Lifespan Coalitions

Most State Respite Coalitions are grassroots membership organizations composed of state and local, public and private organizations, which represent individuals with disabilities or chronic conditions of all ages; family caregivers; community and faith-based organizations and respite, social service and health care providers and advocates. Most often their activities are focused on advocacy, networking, and public education. They may be run by volunteers or paid staff.

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Agenda and Notes January 23, 2024

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Whether or not you are on our mailing list, you can support family caregivers in Washington State by circulating the links for the Lifespan Respite Voucher and for those interested in becoming a respite provider.