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FACT SHEET: Important Information About the Voucher Program for Organizations Accepting the Voucher

FACT SHEET: How to Invoice for a Lifespan Respite WA Voucher

To Participate in the LRW Voucher Program

Interested in becoming a respite provider in the LRW Voucher program? Great! You can start the process at any time, save and return to the application as needed, and upload documents. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 to get started and once all is completed and approved, we will refer those seeking respite to your agency!

  1. Complete and submit the RPA Application
  2. Submit the applicable certificate(s) of insurance (e.g. General Liability or if a Sole Proprietor see your options in the Policies and Procedures, Transportation Insurance, etc.). Certificates of Insurance must list both PAVE and DSHS (Dept. of Social and Health Services) as Additional Insureds. See addresses document in the sidebar.
  3. Sign and submit the Respite Provider Agency (RPA) Interagency Agreement.

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We are here to help clarify information, respond to questions and/or help you with your process of becoming a Lifespan Respite Washington Provider Agency. Please email us at

Here is a list of current registered providers