If you landed on this page after clicking the “FIND RESPITE” button: these respite provider agencies and organizations are registered with Lifespan Respite WA as part of the Voucher Program. Anyone can use this list to find self-pay respite care. If you are looking for a grant for short-term respite, please visit the Voucher Program page to check your eligibility and to apply.

All of our current registered respite providers are listed below.  To have a more specific list of providers based on your needs, you can search by county, type of respite service, ages served, type of disability or condition . To search click on the plus sign next to each section. When the section expands, click on the items you want or need for a provider.

Tips in selecting a respite provider:

  • If you reside in a larger county area such as King, Pierce, Snohomish or Spokane, you may want to start with the respite providers from your main county.
  • If you reside outside of these larger counties, you may want to include neighboring counties to offer more respite provider choices.
  • If your list becomes too narrow, you can always unselect to widen and contact us to help you in your selection of a respite provider.
  • We also offer under the Resource tab “Potential Questions to Ask a Respite Provider”