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The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

Reeve Foundation has a Peer Mentor Program, which matches individuals with paralysis and their caregivers to experienced members of the paralysis community.  Learning from those with lived experience can help people with paralysis and their families live their lives to their fullest.  This free service is easy to sign up for, either call 1-800-539-7309 or Schedule a Call with their mentor specialists. The specialist will ask a few questions to find out your situation and what you need, and they will pair you with a peer mentor with similar experiences.

Reeve Foundation has many Resources for Caregivers on their website.  This includes a thorough Paralysis Resource Guide, which takes caregivers through a range of important topics.  They also have staff to answer caregiver questions – their Information Specialists are available at 1-800-539-730.

Take Care of Yourself
Rule number one for all caregivers is to take care of yourself. Providing care while holding down a job, running a household, or parenting can burn anyone out. A person who is exhausted or sick is more likely to make bad decisions or take out frustrations inappropriately.

Stress is known to contribute to a variety of health problems. The more you keep your own well-being in balance, the more you will enhance your coping skills and stamina. By taking care of yourself, you will be better able, both physically and emotionally, to provide care for your loved one. -Resources for Caregivers, Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

If you are an unpaid caregiver to an individual with paralysis here in Washington State, you may be eligible for a break through the Lifespan Respite Voucher program. Check out your eligibility!

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