If you landed on this page after clicking the “FIND RESPITE” button: these respite provider agencies and organizations are registered with Lifespan Respite WA as part of the Voucher Program. Anyone can use this list to find self-pay respite care. If you are looking for a grant for short-term respite, please visit the Voucher Program page to check your eligibility and to apply.

All of our current registered respite providers are listed below.  To have a more specific list of providers based on your needs, you can use the search criteria. To open the search criteria click on the plus sign next to the section. You can select search criteria by county, type of respite service, and ages served and so on.

Tips in selecting a respite provider:

  • If you reside in a larger county area such as King, Pierce, Snohomish or Spokane, you may want to start with the respite providers from your main county.
  • If you reside outside of these larger counties, you may want to include neighboring counties to offer more respite provider choices.
  • If your list becomes too narrow, you can always unselect to widen and contact us to help you in your selection of a respite provider.
  • We also offer under the Resource tab “Potential Questions to Ask a Respite Provider”