Lifespan Respite

The Lifespan Respite Washington respite voucher awards for unpaid family caregivers continues!

To check eligibility requirements and apply, click here.


What is a family caregiver?

  • You may be a family caregiver if you provide care or support for an adult or child with a chronic or disabling condition.
  • Being a family caregiver for a spouse, parent, child, or loved one takes a lot of time, effort and work.  It can be both intellectually and emotionally challenging.  You may have become a caregiver suddenly and without warning, or perhaps your role evolved slowly over time.
  • A caregiver is most often an unpaid individual (a spouse, significant other, family member, friend, or neighbor).
  • There are more than 850,000 family caregivers in Washington State who assist in the care of their spouses, parents, and children—those from across the lifespan.
  • You matter:  Clearly, your loved ones need you.  And your daily work saves our State billions of dollars every year.
  • You deserve an occasional break to help you in your important role.  You deserve RESPITE.