Hawaiian woman in 50s embracing her mid-20s daughter on couch who is fighting cancer

Welcome to the Lifespan Respite Washington (LRW) website where unpaid family caregivers are offered the opportunity to receive short breaks.  Our state provides respite services through a variety of systems and programs.

Types of Respite

There are many types of respite care:

Traditional/formal respite care programs – systems currently in place for specific groups of individuals; e.g., veterans, older persons, or individuals who have intellectual/developmental disabilities. Examples of these respite programs include the Veterans’ Administration, Family Caregiver Support Program, and respite through the Developmental Disabilities Administration.

Adults and Elders

Children and Youth

Special Populations

Non-traditional or creative respite – short breaks that are not necessarily paid for by any public system, these opportunities can still result in respite for caregivers; such as through camps, faith communities, parks/recreation programs, scouting and other clubs, parents night out, etc.

Lifespan Respite Voucher program – a federally funded grant to meet planned (not crisis) respite needs for unserved and unpaid family caregivers. Respite for caregivers is provided through respite provider agencies, versus individual providers.